Commission Overview

The Commission on Employee Retirement Security and Pension Reform was established during the 2016 General Assembly through legislation introduced by Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell.

The Commission is directed to study, report and make recommendations on a wide variety of topics related to employee retirement security, the current retirement system plan, design and benefits packages, Virginia’s changing state workforce, and state employee compensation.

The 21-member Commission includes legislators, citizen-appointees and ex-officio members from the executive branch.

Staff support for the Commission is provided by the Department of Human Resource Management, the Virginia Retirement System, the House Appropriations Committee, the Senate Finance Committee and the Division of Legislative Services. The Commission is also working closely with the PEW Charitable Trusts Retirement Systems Project.

Statutory Authority

The General Assembly passed House Bill 665 in the 2016 General Assembly session. § 30-371 through § 30-375 of the Code of Virginia establish the commission, membership, the scope of its work and its responsibilities.